Company's Profile

New World Home Care is established in 1994. The company has been an import & direct sale of household products in the department stores and retail outlets. New World Home Care developed her own house brand “Roman” proven to be a great success over the decade. Most of our Roman household and kitchenware products are sold in major departmental store and hypermarket island-wide. The company was incorporated as a private limited company in 2003 and subsequently expanded its business from import, direct sales to export & wholesale. Beside Singapore market, the company also distributed its products to many parts of South-East Asia countries.

The pioneer products New World Home Care sold in Singapore - The Magic Mop and the Hard Anodized Cooking Wok was such an instant hit island-wide, customers soon learned to enjoy using Roman's subsequent range of household and kitchenware items. As New World Home Care started introducing more Roman products to the market, it has never forgotten what makes our brands popular and that is quality and after sales support.

New World Home Care specialized in unique “LIVE” demonstration sales approach. We have great trainers producing skillful demonstrators in conveying the advantages of the products they are selling to the shoppers.

Beside retailing and wholesaling, New World Home Care Pte Ltd also provides good after sales service. The Customer Support Team primary aim is to none other to achieve good quality after sales service to all their customers.

New World Home Care has even enhanced our after sales services over the years by providing free cooking classes in our cooking studio. Through the cooking class our customers are able to learn how to make full use of their purchased products and at the same time enjoy learning new dishes. New World Home Care is proud of this commitment and confidence New World Home Care gives to her customers that few competitors could match.

New World Home Care has also diversified and expands into beauty care & health care market in 2012. The first FruitVegi Facial Mask Maker, one of the first few beauty care product introduced to the market and in fact was very well accepted by the market and has received very good response from the customers. In view of the encouraging feedbacks gathered from the market, the company promises to import even a wider range of beauty & skin care products to satisfy the local market in the near future. By the third quarter of this year, New World Home Care will officially launch the Total Health System (THS) to the market, a move hopefully to offer to the market an even a greater choice of products from quality food maker to healthy living.

"Our vision, making quality home. New World always care for you."